business consulting

Business Consulting for West Atlanta and Birmingham

It’s a fact – we can’t know everything about everything.  Chances are, you are like us – we know a lot about what we do, but we know when it’s time to “phone a friend”.

Debbie Druey and Alexa Chilcutt have worked together for years to providing coaching services in business leadership, communication and operations management.    We offer educational  events and hands-on consulting services to suit every business need.

Plan Your Work & Work Your Plan!

Strategic Analysis .  We meet with you and your team to conduct a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) Analysis to help you prioritize your business needs, capitalize on strengths/opportunities, and create a plan to overcome weaknesses.

Leadership Education from  Alexa Chilcutt, PhD.   Alexa is the master of guiding team members through a Team Agreement process.   This can be facilitated at a Team Retreat event, away from the office to foster productive discussion.  Come back to work on Monday refreshed and energized, with everyone “on the same page”!

DISC® by Inscape Communication Training – Debbie Druey, MBA.  Which DISC style are you?  Driver, Influential, Steadiness, Compliance.  Understanding your communication style can make a dramatic difference in your effectiveness in interacting with your customers.

Business Operations Support

Simply stated:  Revenues – Expenses  = PROFIT

Let us help you look for opportunities to improve your profitability.  We look at both sides of the PROFIT equation and will offer recommendations to help you keep your business healthy.

SWOT Strategic Analysis – SWOT is a analytical tool developed by Harvard Business.  Let us teach you how to use SWOT to prioritize and shape your business  Sales, Selling, Marketing and Revenue Growth.

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